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Through the US Department of Labor, this department administers Federal funding for eligible Cranston and Providence residents and employers in three important employment related areas. Employment Retraining funds provide training programs for economically disadvantaged adults and dislocated workers. Project Upgrade funds employers who seek to upgrade their employees' skills making them more competitive in this technology based business environment. Welfare to Work helps our most needy citizens make their way towards self-sufficiency.

This Cranston/Providence partnership began with the passage of the Job Training and Partnership Act in 1982 (JTPA). On July 1, 2000, the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) began where JTPA left off with an important improvement. The new legislation provides for the establishment of One Stop Career Centers, which bring employment related agencies together to pool their resources and provide a full service employment center for any Cranston or Providence resident. netWORKri at One Reservoir Av, Providence is the Cranston/Providence one stop career center, which provides a number of employment related programs, which are listed below.

This unique private-public partnership between the city government and a Workforce Investment Board is comprised of business leaders, human service officials and our economic development director who continually strive to better prepare our residents for an ever more competitive economy.

The mission of this department is to invest in programming that prepares youth and under-skilled adults for entry or re-entry into the labor force. The investment of training dollars helps our citizens join more growth-oriented industries and strengthens our local economy.

netWORKri: This facility located at One Reservoir Av, Providence, is a full service employment center providing a vast array of services. In addition to internet job bank access by way of 20 computer stations, the center also affords customers the use of phones, fax machine, copy machine and computer printers. Well-trained staff are available to assist customers build and produce a resume and search for the job they are looking for. Workshops relating to resumes, interviewing skills, and networking are a few of the more intensive services available. A calendar of events along with further information regarding netWORKri can be accessed through or calling Scott Greco at 401-462-8900.

Training Funds information is available by contacting Jacques Dextradeur II, Workforce Development Coordinator at 462-8902 or email at

Project Upgrade information is available by contacting Barbara Lamana at 861-0800.

Welfare to Work information in the City of Cranston is available by contacting Joanne Gregory at the Comprehensive Community Action Program at 401-467-9610 ext 125.

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